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About Me

I fell in love with photography at a very young age.

I would hog my father’s camera on family vacations and we mutually agreed I needed my own camera. I saved my money until I had enough to buy a Kodak Instamatic. I remember it so well because it was a 1964 World’s Fair edition that I bought at the Drug Fair. I had fallen in love with the click of the shutter.

Art probably saved me from being a JD and I became fascinated with lots of aspects of the arts. At NSHS we were blessed with two great teachers. My romance with the shutter continued and I was fortunate enough with Mom’s help to get a 35mm Nikkormat. I found the darkroom a place of magic and peace.

I went on to study photography for three years at Rhode Island School of Design. My professors were the great Harry Callahan and the amazing Aaron Siskind. I did my share from working jobs and taking out student loans but my Mom made it so I could have a great 35mm Nikon F kit, a Rolleiflex SL 66, and a home darkroom. I spent so many hours in that darkroom.

After graduation, I moved to Boston and worked in color labs as a custom printer. The work could be boring like processing for GE or it could be fascinating as I got to make many prints for the JFK Library. I shot on weekends but it was hard. While the work was interesting the money sucked. I was married and in my 20’s so I decided to move to California with my wife and go into sales. The very night we arrived in San Francisco all my gear was stolen from our van. So began a great lull in my pursuit of the click.

I struggled for a while but I was blessed and had a career that led to being a sales and marketing executive. In 2007 I got the itch to take up photography as an enthusiastic hobby. Costco was selling two digital SLR kits the Nikon and the Olympus. I remembered how cool I thought the little OM-1 my fellow students had and how great their images were. So I bought an Olympus Evolt 500 and to this day I am an Olympus fanboy.

While there have been gaps in my activity due to health issues of not just my own but those of my life partner and wife LuAnn. She was always so supportive of my love of photography. What you see here on this site is some of my work from 2009 - to today. I find I love post-processing in the “Lightroom” as fulfilling as the darkroom.

Aaron Siskind told me something that has stuck with me through the years and that was that art is child’s play for adults. I don’t know who said it I wish it was me but it is so true that we make pictures not take them.

I hope you enjoy some of my child’s play and I welcome your comments, they can help me grow. After all the San Francisco-based photographer Fred Lyon says tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life.

I can’t help it, it is Shutter Love.

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